Wedding Night Essential Kit

My First Flo Period Kit
February 8, 2017

Wedding Night Essential Kit

The perfect gift for your Bestie!
This kit was designed for the bashful bride to incorporate many little essentials that the couple would need on that night.
This fun kit includes (Premium Kit): Energy Sweets, Durex lubrication 60mls, 4 durex condoms, Intimate wipes, Chewing gum, Safety Pins, Hairpin container, Waterless hand sanitiser, Candles, Antacid, Enervite tabs, Pain Killers, Zam Buk, Lip Balm, Tissues, Plasters.
The Muslimah will truly appreciate the Duaas and etiquette for the first night included in this Kit.
This all can be stored in the convenient Miss Bliss cosmetic bag.

Price ranging from 350 upwards, subject to clients preferences.

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